Nina Ricci | Fashion Show Fall Winter 2014

Nina Ricci chose Hauschka « La Dilettante » to support its Fashion Show Fall Winter (2014).


Chanel | Fall-Winter 2019

CHANEL chose Chloé’s track ‘Party Moonster’ for its new Fall-Winter Campaign
Published by Lumière Noire Administered by Velvet Cream

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AMI | SS20 fashion show

AMI chose ‘Says’ by Nils Frahm for their SS20 fashion show ‘Soudain l’été prochain’
Published by Manners McDade Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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Chanel | The Cruise 2019/20 show

CHANEL chose ‘Concealer’ by Eartheater for their ‘Cruise 2019-2020’ show, presented under the nave of the Grand Palais
Published by Manners McDade Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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Chanel | The Fall-Winter show

CHANEL chose Nils Frahm’s song ‘Spells’ for their Ready-to-Wear show in tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.
Published by Manners McDade Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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Citizen K | La Vallée Village

Citizen K and La Vallée Village chose the song « Jim » by Faire for their new advertising campaign.
Published by Droit de Faire Administered by Velvetica

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The Process | Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynold’s brand of distilled spirit, chose the song « A River Runs Through It » by Mark Isham for their new commercial.
Published by Pathé Films Administered by Velvetica Music Publishing

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Yves Saint Laurent | Rouge Pur Couture

Yves Saint Laurent is using Boy Harsher’s « Modulations » for their commercial Rouge Pur Couture.
Synchronized by Velvet Cream

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Orange | Le Fil d’Orange

Orange chose Timber Timbre’s « Run From Me » for their branding campaign.
Music supervision by Vrej Minassian.
Published by Arts & Crafts, Sub-Published by Velvet Cream

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Omega Trésor | Kaia Gerber’s Choice

Omega Trésor is using Charlotte Gainsbourg’s performance of the song « L’Un part, l’autre reste » taken from the movie soundtrack « L’Un reste, l’autre part » for their new campaign. Composed by Frédéric Botton, written by Nathalie Rheims, arranged by André Manoukian. Published by Pathé Films and administered by Velvetica Music Publishing.

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Perrier | & Juice

Perrier chose PowerSolo’s « Sasquatch » for their new Juice campaign ! Published by Crunchy Tunes and Sub-Published by Velvet Cream.

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Apple | iPhone X

The new Apple ad features the Polo & Pan track « Nanã » which contains a sample of « Cordeiro de Nana » by Os Tincoãs. Published by Irmãos Vitale and sub-published by Brazilica Music.  

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Samsung | #48hdeliberté

« Dog Tag » by Batte in a new Samsung Mobile campaign. Published by Crunchy Tunes. Supervision by Creaminal

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Chanel Solution 10

Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds’ « a2 » has been used by Chanel for its Solution 10’s advertising.

Dolce & Gabbana | Brush of Roses

« Beautiful » by Michel Gondry in the Dolce&Gabbana’s new campaign.

Blackpills | Launch Trailer

Perturbator’s song « Future Club » appeared in Blackpills’s trailer (VOD mobile).

Givenchy | Fashion Show Fall Winter 2017

Givenchy used Nils Frahm’s Spaces album during his fashion show 2017.

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Tribord | EasyBreathe (Dir. Cut)

Music by Nils Frahm « For – Peter – Toilet Brushes – More » (« Peter » segment). Published by Manners McDade

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Voyageurs du Monde | Une autre facon d’aborder le voyage

Music by Grandbrother « Studie V ». Published by La Chunga.

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Fondation Abbé Pierre | Reconstruire

Moving spot for Fondation Abbé Pierre using the track « Prologue » by Grandbrothers. Published by La Chunga music publishing.

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Jeu de Paume Museum | Uprising exhibition's trailer

Exhibition at Jeu de Paume museum, teaser’s music « a1 » Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm, published by Manners McDade

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Zadig & Voltaire | This is Her

Zadig & Voltaire’s news fragrance commercial using The Avener & Laura Gibson’s « You Belong ».

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Marionnaud Paris | Spot TV

Music by Michel Gondry x Spleen x Yael Naim x DatA in the new Marionnaud France TV commercial

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BNP Paribas | We Are Tennis

« Sky On Fire » by Handsome Poets has been synchronized for BNP Paribas’s campaign, “We Are Tennis”.

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Hermès | La flânerie

« Mon oncle » by Frank Barcellini appeared in the Hermès’campaign named « La Flânerie ».

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Apple Watch | Fitness App

Dr Tyler « Babilonia Sapato » has been used by Apple to promote its fitness app.

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Citroen C4 Picasso | Vivement la route

João Selva & Pitico has been synchronized in the last Citroen’s advertising for the C4 Picasso (Supervision : Creaminal).

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StudioCanal | A Bigger Splash’s Official Trailer

« I Know What I Want » (Thee Attacks) is featured in the trailer of A BIGGER SPLASH. Published by Crunchy Tunes.

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SAS – We dream in foreign languages

Philippe Rombi‘s Ouverture for Potiche (published by Mandarin / Foz) is now used in the latest campaign for SAS

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Starbucks Coffee | TV Campaign

Dr Tyler’s song appeared in a Starbuck Coffee’s advertising.

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McDonald’s | Pub « Petits plaisirs »

Shugo Tokumaru’s track Lahaha used in a new McDonald’s campaign in France (Supervision : Creaminal)

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