The Process | Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynold’s brand of distilled spirit, chose the song « A River Runs Through It » by Mark Isham for their new commercial.

Published by Pathé Films
Administered by Velvetica Music Publishing

Gesaffelstein | BALENCIAGA

BALENCIAGA chose ‘Destinations’ by Gesaffelstein for their Fall 2022 Collection Video!

Client: Cry Baby

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Yuksek & Confidence Man | Search Party Season 5

Catch Gorgeous by Yuksek and Confidence Man in season 5 of Search Party, streaming on HBO Max now! Thanks Terrorbird!
Client: Chativesle

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Rezar | Intersport

Intersport chose ‘Here together’ by Rezar for their new advertising campaign!
Published by Gaga Music

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Bachar Mar-Khalifé | Mes frères et moi

‘Mes frères et moi’ is out today! Catch ‘Kyrie Eleison’ and ‘Ya Nas’ by Bachar Mar-Khalife in this movie that tells the story of Nour, a 14-year-old boy who grows up in a housing estate in the south of France, with his four brothers and their comatose mother. While doing community service during the summer, he meets Sarah, an opera singer who runs a summer school. A meeting that will open new horizons for him…
Client: Balcoon

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Hante. | Supreme

Supreme chose ‘My Destruction’ by Hante. for their Paris 2021 videoclip!

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CAN & Living in Texas | Le Test

Catch ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘Mother Sky’ by CAN, and « Mr Fish » by Living in Texas in ‘Le Test’, directed by Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud. This French comedy movie tells the story of Annie, a woman to whom everything seems to succeed. She lives in harmony with her husband Laurent, and her children; the sensitive elders Maximilien and César; the younger Antoine whom Poupi, never-complaining teen, helps raising him.
But a positive pregnancy test will disturb the family harmony…

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Emily in Paris Season 2

It’s Emily day! Season 2 of the adventures of the most infamous American in Paris is out now on Netflix, featuring music by Faire, Julia Jean-Baptiste, Corine, Yndi, Charlotte Fever, and Insolente!


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Anoraak | 8-Bit Christmas

Catch ‘Waiting for Your Phone Call’ by Anoraak in the opening scene of 8-Bit Christmas, a family comedy bringing us back to the nostalgia of Christmas in the 80s, available on HBO Max.

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Vitamin C | Céline

Céline invites you to La Baie des Anges to discover the Women Summer 22 Collection, to the sound of Vitamin C by CAN.

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DJ Die | Louis Vuitton

We’re honoured to be a small part of the beautiful tribute to the late Virgil Abloh that is the Louis Vuitton SS22 fashion show, with a sync of ‘Reincarnations’ by DJ Die, published by Bucks Music Group.

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Samaran | Les choses humaines

Catch ‘Paris Madness’ by Samaran (published by Space Designer, cc Grand Musique Management) in ‘Les choses humaines’, directed by Yvan Attal. This is an adaptation of Karine Tuil’s novel in which a brilliant and privileged young man is accused of rape.

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Who did that? | N26

N26 chose Who did that?’s song « Call Now » for their new advertising campaign.

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Bachar Mar-Khalifé | Miu Miu

Catch ‘Lemon’ by Bachar Mar-Khalifé in ‘I and The Stupid Boy’ the 22nd commission from the Miu Miu Women’s Tales series. This project is conceived as a carte blanche for female filmmakers, who, aside from the contingency that they feature Miu Miu clothing, are given total freedom for the creation of their respective movie.

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Lomepal & Orelsan | Montre Jamais Ça À Personne

Catch ‘La vérité’ by Lomepal & Orelsan in Amazon Prime’s documentary series ‘Orelsan – Montre jamais ça à personne’ about the rise to fame of the French rapper.

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Joon Moon | Gone for Good

Catch Joon Moon’s beautiful song ‘Call Me’ in episode 1 of the suspense Netflix series ‘Gone for Good’, adapted from Harlan Coben’s bestseller.

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Ludovic Bource | La Fete du Cinema

La Fete du Cinema is back from June 30th to July 4th and we’re extremely happy to announce that the institution chose « OSS 117 Thème » by Ludovic Bource to illustrate its new campaign.

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Corine | Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin invites you to embark on Loubi Airways to discover the Fall/Winter 2021 Women’s and Men’s Collections. To all passengers, please fasten your seatbelts. We wish you a pleasant flight to the sound of Corine’s single « Il Fait Chaud ».

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Noga Erez | Orange

Orange launches its new 5G campaign in a joyful comedy following a group of kids taking over a famous museum. Wearing the art pieces, touching the paintings, they literally do everything you’d wish to do in a serious museum. Created by Publicis Conseil, this ad features single VIEWS by Tel-Aviv artist Noga Erez with Reo Cragun and ROUSSO. Stay tuned, Noga Erez’s future album « KIDS »  will be released March 26th 2021.

Client: Ceuso

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Lizzy Mercier-Descloux | Isabel Marant

For their FW21  Men’s Collection, Isabel Marant chose the 1979 version of « Fire » by Lizzy Mercier-Descloux.


Published by Bucks Music Group


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Armand Amar | Evian

Evian chose Armand Amar’s song « Premier Réveil »  for their new advertising campaign.

Published by Long Distance Productions
Administered by Velvetica Music

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Nike | Play Gou

Time to workout! Get energized with this mix Peggy Gou curated for Nike, featuring Alek Lee‘s ‘Sfarot’ 

Client: Antinote

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Shiseido | LipLiner InkDuo

Shiseido chose Ornette’s song ‘Crazy’ for their new advertising campaign called ‘New LipLiner InkDuo’

Published by Music of the Century
Administered by Velvet Cream

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Geodis | Keep Rising

Geodis chose Reuben And The Dark’s song ‘Hold me like a Fire’ for their new advertising campaign called ‘Keep rising’

Published by Arts and Crafts Music Publishing
Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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Leroy Merlin | Une vie à construire

Leroy Merlin chose Grandbrothers‘s song ‘Bloodflow’ for their new advertising campaign

Published by La Chunga Music Publishing
Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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Bonpoint | Winter 2019

Bonpoint chose 99 Trees’ ‘Solid Friend’ for their Winter 2019 show

Published by Velvet Cream and Bleepmachine

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Victoria’s Secret | Meet me at the Jane

Victoria’s Secret chose FAIRE’s track ‘Oh Martha’ for their new brand film ‘Meet me at the Jane’

Published by Droit de Faire

Administered by Velvet Cream

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Toledano & Nakache | Hors Normes

Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache chose Grandbrothers’ track ‘Bloodflow’ for their new film ‘Hors Normes’

Published by La Chunga

Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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YSL | Slim Sheer Matte

Yves Saint Laurent chose Boy Harsher’s track ‘Modulations’ for its ‘Slim Sheer Matte’ commercial

Published by Boy Harsher

Synchronized by Velvet Cream

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Chanel | Fall-Winter 2019

CHANEL chose Chloé’s track ‘Party Moonster’ for its new Fall-Winter Campaign

Published by Lumière Noire
Administered by Velvet Cream

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AMI | SS20 fashion show

AMI chose ‘Says’ by Nils Frahm for their SS20 fashion show ‘Soudain l’été prochain’

Published by Manners McDade
Sub-published by Velvet Cream

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