Emily in Paris Season 2

It’s Emily day! Season 2 of the adventures of the most infamous American in Paris is out now on Netflix, featuring music by Faire, Julia Jean-Baptiste, Corine, Yndi, Charlotte Fever, and Insolente!


Domenique Dumont | The Resort

Catch « La bataille de neige » by Domenique Dumont synced on The Resort’s fourth episode.

Special thanks to Terrorbird.
Client : Antinote

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Joon Moon | Grey’s Anatomy

Joon Moon’s track « Young » is featured on the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season, airing on ABC (US).

Special thanks to Terrorbird.
Client : Musique Sauvage + Julien Decoret

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri | Dior

For their SS23 Show, Christian Dior Couture chose Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri’s song ‘Blink Twice’ (from 4’56)

Client: Manners McDade

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Domenique Dumont | Dada Sport

Catch « Comme ça » by Domenique Dumont in Dada Sport’s new advertising campaign!
Thanks Suzanne Agency
Client: Antinote

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Voilaaa & Pat Kalla | Netflix

Catch « On te l’avait dit » by Voilaaa & Pat Kalla in 1st episode of the new netflix serie ‘Uncoupled’.

Thanks Terrorbird Media!

Client: FAVORITE Recordings

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Yelle | Netflix

Catch ‘Noir’ by Yelle (co-written by Tepr) in episode 8 of the new Netflix series Resident Evil 💊
Client: Grand Musique Management
Thanks Monster sector and Terrorbird Media!

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Eartheater | Mugler

Mugler chose ‘Scripture’ by Eartheater for their Spring Summer 2022 Collection Campaign!

Client: Manners McDade

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Jean-Claude Petit | Stella Artois

For their new advertising campaign, Stella Artois chose Jean de Florette’s theme, written by Jean-Claude Petit!
Thanks Bucks Music Group

Client: Pathé

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Wayley | B Travel

B travel chose the anthemic and unforgettable ‘Ready for it all’ by Wayley for its new advertising campaign!
Thanks Bonatarda Publishing

Client: ORA

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Eartheater & LEYA | Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton chose the ethereal ‘Angel Path’ by Eartheater & LEYA for their new perfume advertising campaign called ‘Attrape-Rêves’.

Published by Manners McDade

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Kiddy Smile | Arthur Rambo

Catch ‘Slap My Butt’ by Kiddy Smile in Laurent Cantet’s movie ‘Arthur Rambo’!

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Clara Luciani | Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video chose ‘Ma soeur’ by Clara Luciani (co-written by Sage) to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Client: Sage Music (with Grand Musique Management)

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Minuit Machine | Elite

Catch ‘Prey/Hunter’ by Minuit Machine in Elite S05E02!
Thanks Bonatarda Publishing!

Client: Synth Religion

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Yuksek | Parallèles

Catch « The Only Reason » by Yuksek feat. Breakbot & Irfane, in the first episode of the Disney+ series « Parallèles »!

Thanks Hippocampus Supervision

Client: Chativesle

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Perturbator | Outriders: New Horizon & Worldslayer

Discover ‘The Other Place’ by Perturbator in the trailer of the new video game ‘Outriders: New Horizon & Worldslayer’. Thanks Bucks Music Group!
Client: The Link Publishing

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KCIDY & Da Break | Drôle

Catch ‘Les gens heureux dansent’ by KCIDY and ‘Give Your Love’ by Da Break in episode 3 of ‘Drôle’, the new heartwarming Netflix series about stand-up comedy!

Clients: Vietnam & La Ruche

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Insolente | Killing Eve

Catch ‘Je suis venue te dire’ by Insolente (Ornette X Brokenstra) in Killing Eve S04E03!
Thanks Bucks Music Group
cc Creaminal Music Supervision

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Evinha | Dacia

Dacia chose ‘Esperar Pra Ver’ by Evinha for their new advertising campaign! Thanks Prodigious

Client: Irmãos Vitale

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Clara Luciani | Week-end Family

Catch ‘On ne meurt pas d’amour’ By Clara Luciani in ‘Week-end Family!

Co-written by Sage, published by Sage Music, cc Grand Musique Management

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Catch ‘Vitamin C’ by Can in ‘EN CORPS’ by Cédric Klapisch! This movie is about Elise, a wonderful classical dancer. She is injured during a performance and learns that she will no longer be able to dance. From then on, her life will be turned upside down; Elise will have to learn to fix herself…

Client: Bucks Music

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Pariah | DIOR

For their Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 Show, Dior chose Pariah’s song ‘Linnaea’!

Client: Manners McDade

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RACHELL | Lancôme

Lancôme chose RACHELL’s song ‘Livelihood’ for their new advertising campaign!
Thanks Prodigious

Published by Himitsu cc Creaminal Music Supervision

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Clara Luciani | Bourjois

Bourjois chose Clara Luciani’s song ‘Nue’ for their new advertising campaign!
‘Nue’ is co-written By Sage, published by Sage Music (cc Grand Musique Management)

Thanks Creaminal Supervision Music Agency!

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Nils Frahm | Jane by Charlotte

Catch ‘A Shine’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Nils Frahm in ‘Jane by Charlotte’, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s documentary about her complex relationship with her actress and singer mother Jane Birkin. Through the camera lens, they expose themselves to one another, begin to step back, leaving space for a mother-daughter relationship to unfold.
Client: Manners McDade

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Gesaffelstein | BALENCIAGA

BALENCIAGA chose ‘Destinations’ by Gesaffelstein for their Fall 2022 Collection Video!

Client: Cry Baby

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Yuksek & Confidence Man | Search Party Season 5

Catch Gorgeous by Yuksek and Confidence Man in season 5 of Search Party, streaming on HBO Max now! Thanks Terrorbird!
Client: Chativesle

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Rezar | Intersport

Intersport chose ‘Here together’ by Rezar for their new advertising campaign!
Published by Gaga Music

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Bachar Mar-Khalifé | Mes frères et moi

‘Mes frères et moi’ is out today! Catch ‘Kyrie Eleison’ and ‘Ya Nas’ by Bachar Mar-Khalife in this movie that tells the story of Nour, a 14-year-old boy who grows up in a housing estate in the south of France, with his four brothers and their comatose mother. While doing community service during the summer, he meets Sarah, an opera singer who runs a summer school. A meeting that will open new horizons for him…
Client: Balcoon

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Hante. | Supreme

Supreme chose ‘My Destruction’ by Hante. for their Paris 2021 videoclip!

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CAN & Living in Texas | Le Test

Catch ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘Mother Sky’ by CAN, and « Mr Fish » by Living in Texas in ‘Le Test’, directed by Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud. This French comedy movie tells the story of Annie, a woman to whom everything seems to succeed. She lives in harmony with her husband Laurent, and her children; the sensitive elders Maximilien and César; the younger Antoine whom Poupi, never-complaining teen, helps raising him.
But a positive pregnancy test will disturb the family harmony…

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