Joon Moon | Grey’s Anatomy

Joon Moon’s track « Young » is featured on the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season, airing on ABC (US).

Special thanks to Terrorbird.
Client : Musique Sauvage + Julien Decoret

Le Tigre | Dior

Catch « My My Metrocard » by Le Tigre, in the new Dior campaign « Plan de Paris ».

Client: Bucks Music Group

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Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Grandbrothers | 66-5

66-5, the latest drama show aired on Canal+ features 3 tracks from our catalogue : « Insomnia » by Bachar Mar-Khalife, « Howth » and « Josef’s Death » by Grandbrothers.
The show tells the story of Roxane, a young business lawyer in a prestigious Parisian law firm. Her life is turned upside down when her husband, a partner in the firm, is accused of rape. Drawn back to the city of her childhood, she tries to rebuild her life as a criminal lawyer at the Bobigny court.
Thanks to Thibault Deboaisne!
Clients: Balcoon, La Chunga

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Frank Barcellini | Jacquemus

Catch the soundtrack of Jacques Tati’s film « Mon Oncle », composed by Frank Barcellini in Jacquemus’ TikTok campaign.
Client: Specta Films

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Ornette | Squared Love Everlasting

Catch Ornette’s track « Today is the Day » in « Squared Love Everlasting », a Polish rom-com aired on Netflix.

Thanks Golba Music!
Client: Music of the Century

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Minuit Machine | Gant

Catch the dreamy track « Honey » by Minuit Machine in Gant’s new Instagram fall campaign.

Client: Synth Religion

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Max Cooper | Chanel Beauty

New sync for Chanel Beauty featuring the ethereal track « Leaving this place » by Max Cooper.

Thanks to Creaminal!

Client: Manners McDade

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Eau Rouge | Nancy Drew

Catch Eau Rouge’s « I Know That You Know » in Nancy Drew latest season, aired on The CW!

Inspired by rock bands like Arctic Monkeys and Pony Pony Run Run, the German band Eau Rouge delivers here a catchy upbeat electro-rock track.

Client: Riptide Records

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Marina Baranova | Dior Rouge Premier

New synchronization
GOD REST YE MERRY, GENTLEMEN – Marina Baranova, in Dior Rouge Premier

Client: Manners McDade

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Grandbrothers | Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers

In this commercial, the Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers highlights health professionals in the hospital environment.
Their efforts, their support for patients and their investment.

The track « Bloodflow » by Grandbrothers, synchronized in this spot, plunges us into a hypnotic atmosphere, mixing piano and electronic notes.

Thanks to Attention O Chiens Prod

Client: La Chunga

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Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Hante | Le Paradis

Composition of the original music of the film “Le Paradis” directed by Zeno Graton by Bachar Mar-Khalifé and placement of 2 synchronizations, by Bachar Mar-Khalifé and Hante.

The bewitching music of Bachar Mar-Khalifé, gives rhythm to this film dealing with the discovery of oneself and the look of the others.

Bachar offers powerful music, with multicultural sounds and strongly inspired by the Middle East.

Synchronized tracks: « Mirror Moon » – Bachar Mar-Khalifé
« My destruction » – Hante

Clients: Balcoon, Silex Films, Hippocampus, Synth Religion

Thanks to Hippocampus

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Yuksek | FBoy Espana

The music of Yuksek, featuring Confidence Man gives rhythm to the adventures of the candidates of FBoy Espana, a reality show under the Spanish sun.

“Gorgeous” is an electronic track, with retro and pop influences, which creates a joyful and energetic atmosphere.

Track: « GORGEOUS » – Yuksek feat. Confidence Man

Client: Chativesle

Thanks to Bonatarda

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Janea E. | Quand tu seras grand

Placement of a synchronization in the movie “Quand tu seras grand” by Andrea Bescond and Eric Metayer. It takes us into the daily life of an EHPAD, where the life of the staff is mixed with that of the residents.

The artist Janea E. explores all musical styles, without limits or barriers. She trained with Hans Zimmer and has been composing music for films and advertising for years.
“Run It Up”, is a dynamic and powerful track, with 90’s hip-hop sounds.

Track: Run It Up – Janae E, published by Five Missions More

Thanks to My Melody

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Shygirl, Noga Erez | B.R.I

The new series B.R.I plunges us into the world of the Research and Intervention Brigade of Versailles.

Thanks to Hippocampus for the 2 synchronizations in the series:
– Slime by Shygirl singer with futuristic and RnB intonations
– Nails by Noga Erez, who brilliantly mixes Pop, Electro and Hip Hop

Clients: Ceuso, La Chunga and Bucks Music Group

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EMPRS | Week-end Family

The Weekend Family series is a family show that follows the Johnsons in their adventures.

It is punctuated by 8 syncs of EMPRS’s music, which transports us into their multi-influenced world. The perfect music for an immersive, surprising and powerful sound experience.

Thanks to Vietnam, Franck Annese and Josette Music Club.

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L’Eclair | Marshmallow Walrus

Catch « L’arrivée au port de Lagos » by Swiss band L’Eclair in « Marshmallow Walrus », a shortfilm directed by Black Koles.

With funky keyboards and groovy guitars, this colorful track blends inspiration from afro-disco, 70s cosmic funk and jazz fusion.

Client: Bongo Joe Records

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Let’s rewind 2022! Discover some of last years’s sync placements from Velvetica Music’s repertoire:
Louis Vuitton, Dior, Emily In Paris, Elite, Grey’s Anatomy, L’Innocent and other brands, TV shows and movies.

Thanks again to all of our clients and to all the brands, agencies, producers and music supervisors we work with for their trust throughout the years!

Music credit: Brokenstra & YADAM – Carrera

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Alex Rossi | Emilio PUCCI

New synchronization in the latest @emiliopucci campaign 💦
Lightness and elegance are at the heart of this spot, with music by Alex Rossi (@viensparicialexrossi) « Tutto va bene quando facciamo l’amore ».

Thanks @aldenteparis
Client: @kwaidan_records

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The Mauskovic Dance Band | Apple

Catch the hypnotic track « Face » by The Mauskovic Dance Band in Apple’s latest colorful commercial about iOS 16 new features.

Mixing afro-disco grooves & psychedelic cumbia, the Dutch group seems determined to make us dance to the sound of their musical explorations.

Client: Bongo Joe Records

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Emily in Paris Season 3

Do not miss Emily in Paris’ new season out now on Netflix and featuring music by tahiti 80 (Wallpaper 4), Jean Tonique (Grand Musique Management), Matild (Riptide Records), Charlie Faron (Grand Blanc), Bandit Voyage & Jérôme Echenoz (Entreprise).

Thank you Terrorbird Media !

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Bachar Mar-khalife | Sultans of Wind

Catch the mesmerizing track « Lemon » by Bachar Mar-khalifé in the short film « Sultans of Wind », directed by Olivier Sautet.
Client: Balcoon

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Poom | The Sex Lives of College Girls

The track « Illusions » by electro-pop french band Poom is featured in episode 7 of « The Sex Lives of College Girls » second season, available on HBO Max.

With their groovy guitar riffs and synths, the duo follows the footsteps of iconic French touch bands like Daft Punk and L’Impératrice.

Client: Grand Musique Management

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Léonie Pernet | Elite

Catch Léonie Pernet’s song « Hard Billy » synced on episodes 7 and 8 of Elite’s new season, available on Netflix.

Client: THREE DYKES AND A HALF (Crybaby)

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Stelvio Cipriani | The Innocent

Catch Louis Garrel’s new movie « The Innocent », featuring « Michelangelo’s Frescoes » and « La polizia sta a guardare », two themes written by Italian film soundtrack composer Stelvio Cipriani.

Client: Bixio Music Group ltd

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Emma Blackery | AXA Thailand

For their new campaign, AXA Thailand chose the track « Cute Without You » by Emma Blackery.

Special thanks to JOSETTE MUSIC CLUB

Client: Bucks Music Group

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Domenique Dumont | The Resort

Catch « La bataille de neige » by Domenique Dumont synced on The Resort’s fourth episode.

Special thanks to Terrorbird.
Client : Antinote

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Joon Moon | Grey’s Anatomy

Joon Moon’s track « Young » is featured on the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season, airing on ABC (US).

Special thanks to Terrorbird.
Client : Musique Sauvage + Julien Decoret

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri | Dior

For their SS23 Show, Christian Dior Couture chose Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri’s song ‘Blink Twice’ (from 4’56)

Client: Manners McDade

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Domenique Dumont | Dada Sport

Catch « Comme ça » by Domenique Dumont in Dada Sport’s new advertising campaign!
Thanks Suzanne Agency
Client: Antinote

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Voilaaa & Pat Kalla | Netflix

Catch « On te l’avait dit » by Voilaaa & Pat Kalla in 1st episode of the new netflix serie ‘Uncoupled’.

Thanks Terrorbird Media!

Client: FAVORITE Recordings

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Yelle | Netflix

Catch ‘Noir’ by Yelle (co-written by Tepr) in episode 8 of the new Netflix series Resident Evil 💊
Client: Grand Musique Management
Thanks Monster sector and Terrorbird Media!

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